Burris Builder

Be amazing, while you're still growing.

bAWS is the power of Amazon Web Services, simplified for web professionals.


Full Stack. Your Stack.

Modular, boilerplate code such Bootstrap and Foundation exist as tools to accelerate your time to market. Now modular, boilerplate website infrastructure hosting and build tools exist with bAWS.

bAWS provides an accessible groundwork, which is built for secure, high performance delivery, which is optimized for for WordPress and Drupal, and built for modern deployment workflows. Yet it’s infrastructure you control completely, on your own AWS account, without restriction, and it’s built in minutes.

Point and Click. Professional Grade.

It begins with bAWS Builder. An interface for simple stack and infrastructure provisioning, purpose built for web designers and developers. Decide what you want and click “Build” .Security groups, subnets, packagage installation, DNS, authentication settings and more are done for you.

Infrastructure as Code, with a GUI

Scalable, performant, business-grade infrastructure goes well beyond a single server. Separation of resources allows your web server to continue delivering pages, even when your database is hard at work. It allows scaling of specific services to meet the needs of your specific website. It allows backups, failover and restoration to occur gracefully. Building your infrastructure this way, is ideal, but not trivial, unless you're using bAWS.

Cloud Integrated. Modern Panels.

Once you have built your infrastructure, build and manage websites quickly with panels and workflows designed for the modern web professional. Start something new or clone an existing project. Launch a new experiment, or establish a live presence on the internet. It’s yours to control.

Open Source Tools. Free Tier Compatible.

The Burris Builder utilites, and installed packages are open source. The bAWS console on this website are free to use; free as in beer. And if you're new to Amazon Web Services, you may take advantage of the 12 month free tier. For a full year, you have access to EC2 web server, RDS database, Elasticache, S3 bucket storage, CloudFront CDN and more. Together you potentially get an immensely powerful, business-grade website delivery capable of handling traffic well beyond hosting which runs over $100 per month on other hosts.