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Builder Configuration


The configuration section determines the behaviors and default settings for Burris Builder.

Many of the configurations here are decided upon setup, so to prevent redundancy in the documentation, the sections will point to the original explanation, if applicable.


Domains determine which domain is used in configuration files for access when create a new website, and the logic of how Route 53 is adjusted.

This section is covered upon setup, under Admin Setup: Step 2


This allows you to designate the database and master credentials which are used to build Drupal, WordPress or custom website databases for each individual level. By default, updating the Development database updates all other databases, unless "Use development credentials" is unchecked from the Staging and Production tabs.

This section is covered upon setup, under Admin Setup: Step 3


This allows you to decide what happens to the infrastructure when a website is deleted in Burris Builder. By default, dev websites are completely deleted when the associated website in Burris Builder is deleted. Stage websites get backed-up and live websites are untouched.

NOTE: All backup options are currently in development status and are not expected to work correctly. This is actively being corrected. This section will be updated when backup status has been resolved

  • Configuration Files describes the conf files for Nginx (the web server), Apache (WebDav)
  • Application data is the root directory of your website. This is where all of your PHP or HTML files reside.
  • Website Datbase is the MySQL database associate with the website
  • Log files are the error and access files associated with the website. This will not delete rotated log files, which will be deleted according to the rotation schedule.
  • Git Repo only applies to website which have checked the "GitHub" repo option when building the website.


These are the default username and emails for Drupal and WordPress websites. They may also be altered for each individual website as they are created; default settings are merely here for convenience in getting the website launched quicker.

Advanced: Burris Make Location

This applies only to Drupal websites. When a Drupal website is created and distribution is set to "none," Burris Builder uses a custom make file which preloads an assortment of commonly used modules. Where this make file is retrieved may be changed here.

WebDav Users

Each website has has WebDav usermanagement for the volume it lives on. This is provided as an independant utility for convenience.

The orignal documentation for managing users can be found under Website Management: Dav Users